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Human Blend Review

Human BlendHuman Blend by Lori Pescatore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Marion, Virginia seemed like a nice place to live a normal life, but she is not a normal girl. Laney has special abilities that keep her looking over her shoulder as she makes her escape from the men who had kidnapped her. A young doctor's interest is piqued when he witnesses her mysteriously curing a young child's illness. He befriends her due to his growing fascination with uncovering the true nature of her abilities, but not without harboring secrets of his own. Laney's budding relationship with a local boy puts both of them in danger when the men she was hiding from find her. All of their lives will change forever as ancient secrets become unearthed.

My Review:

If anyone is bored to death by reading supernatural fiction consisting only of vampires and werewolves and is planning to be done with this genre, Human Blend is The book for them, the book that will make them change their minds. If you are looking for a new breed of supernatural creatures to lose yourself into, again, Human Blend is the book for you.

Human Blend is a story about a sixteen year old runaway Laney, who later changes her name to Julie Miller to hide her true identity from the people she is running from. She is not just a normal runaway, running away from some life crises or because she is a fugitive. She is running away because she has special abilities, abilities like healing and intuitive powers, because there are people who have been abusing her and her powers for their own use since she was a child. Laney doesn’t even age like normal people do, because of which she looks a lot younger than she actually is. And also that she had suffered a lot longer than she looks she could have. Laney is also a very beautiful young woman but how she came to posses these otherworldly qualities doesn’t get revealed till the end of the book and even then she doesn’t totally get what she actually is. When she moves to Marion, Virginia in hopes to live a normal life and to stay hidden from her captors, she befriends a very attractive Austin who is equally attracted to her from the time he first sees her. They both quickly get into an intimate relationship as the attraction between them blossoms.

She also meets the captivating Doctor Eli Elsworth in a hospital she joins as a volunteer, who witnesses Laney secretly curing a young child’s illness. Dr. Elsworth’s interest in Laney increases as he asks her how she cured the child and tries to get to know about her. But Dr. Elsworth isn’t normal himself and neither is Austin, for that matter, but unlike the former the latter has no clue. Both the men are mesmerized by Laney and Laney herself is drawn to both of them. Laney tries to sort her feelings out and tries to lead her life as normally as she could but there is a constant fear in her heart that keeps on making her look over her shoulders all the time, making her worry about the safety of her loved ones. A fear of her kidnappers who had kept her with them and used her for as long as she could remember. And her fear is not improbable as her past quickly catches up to her and her captors find her again. Will she be able to escape from her frightening past this time or will it hold on to her now, more tightly than ever? And will she be able to protect the people she loves or will they suffer like all the others she cared for had before?

Finally a new thing to read about in supernatural fiction, a new concept to know, a new theme to follow. I am so glad that Lori Pescatore wrote this book because honestly, Supernatural fiction was losing its charm with the same stories coming in again and again. New books like Human Blend getting published, this genre is getting back its former glory. I loved almost everything about this book. The only thing that I didn’t like and I can’t even blame that on the author is the point of view with which the book is written. Omniscient POV does not work out for me. Everything kind of becomes all jumbled up for me in the all-seeing point of view because every character’s thoughts and feelings and dialogues, everything is given together. And it becomes kind of difficult to root for a particular character. But this thing did not influence my thoughts for the story and I really, really like it. My favorite character in the book is Eli because there is this mysterious and sexy sort of vibe that he gives off when he is mentioned in the book. I think my likeness for him will increase in the second and third book. I am really looking forward to reading the second installment in The Blend series: Earth Blend. Lori Pescatore is definitely an author readers should be watching out for, a very talented up and coming author whose books shouldn’t be missed.

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