Review Policy

I love to write my thoughts ( in other words we can say review ) about a book I have finished reading and will also write review for others if requested. Below are just some details about what kind of books I like to read. If you want me to review a book and everything is a go from below then email me.

Interested in books : I am usually in paranormal and fantasy books and I am also a little obsessed with vampires. But I can even read and review memoirs and classics depending on my mood. My main interests are in YA genre novels and I love reading series of books.

Not interested in : In the future maybe I will but currently I am not at all interested in reading total girl-y books and/or chick lit.

I will accept e-book materials as I have no problem in sitting at the computer and reading. As long as i have a good book to read any kind of material will do.

I even have no problem in reading fan-fiction and writing a review on it. If you want me to read and review your fan-fic, email it to me or send me the link of the site you have posted your fan-fic on.

I will write my reviews as soon as possible but if I don't have much time I will post the review of goodreads for the time being and then later on post my real thoughts about the book ( but I will try real hard to not to let that happen much...).

My information on my contests and giveaways will be posted with the contest and giveaways itself because my rules will not be same for all of them.

If you have any more questions then please email me.

- Jen